Our Products

All of our Portaloo’s have specially made wooden floors to give the toilet more stability. It holds up better in strong winds and we can repaint them when they start to wear, keeping the toilet fresh and clean.

We have flushable units for private functions and drop tanks with urinals for Construction Sites. There is plenty of room to move inside the Portaloo and the seat is to the side so the urinal isn’t under your nose when your sitting. All units are fitted with an alcohol gel dispenser, have a toilet roll dispenser and J-Disc deodorisers are put in at every service.





We have two fully kitted trucks for servicing and deliveries. Our routes are set so each part of the city and surrounding towns are serviced on specific days and you know when we are coming if you need to book us in for a relocation or extra service. Monday’s and Wednesday’s we are in the inner city, New Brighton, Sumner Burwood and surrounding suburbs. Tuesday & Wednesday we do Halswell, Lincoln & Rolleston areas. Thursday’s we head to North Canterbury including Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Belfast and Mandeville. We do deliveries to all suburbs and satellite towns every day of the week.






We guarantee you clean and usable toilets that are serviced on a set roster and kept up to the standard they were in on the first day of delivery to you. We will save your Company money by providing toilets your workers are happy to use instead of them leaving your work site to find a toilet they feel more comfortable using. We are a family operated, 100% Canterbury owned business and intend to stay this way so we can give you the service you require to keep your workers happy.