Private Servicing

An important part of what we offer is the servicing of privately owned Portaloo’s.

For Portaloo’s within the Christchurch boundaries we offer a basic clean, emptying of the tank and refilling complete with tank tablets for $50 including GST.

If you would like us to give your toilet a more thorough clean the charge is $60 including GST.
This includes:
– washing down the inside of your toilet
– wiping all the surfaces including the floor
– putting in necessary consumables such as urinal tablets and deodorisers
– cleaning the scale build up off your urinal
– cleaning the inside of the drop tank
If your toilet is smelly it is often through the drop tank having a build up of sewage in it that needs regular removing.

We are also able to supply your toilet paper and hand sanitiser gel for an “at cost” charge if your fittings are compatible with our T4 products.

For private servicing you are put on our weekly or fortnightly roster so you are guaranteed the service will happen on the day specified. We make owning your own Portaloo easy.

These charges are for toilets within the Christchurch boundaries and Kaiapoi. Charges may be slightly higher for some satellite towns.